What people say

”Rick is a terrific career coach. He worked with me and my teams on a number of occasions to transform my organisation into a high performing team that could take on new challenges beyond what they initially believed was possible.

He more than met my expectations as evidenced by the fact that in a 2-3 year period we went from middle of the road Employee Satisfaction results to best in class.

Rick’s contribution cannot be underestimated in that he was able to help the leadership team identify our strengths and areas of group and individual development, then work with us as individuals and a leadership team to realise our potential.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rick to any organisation who is looking for a unique and engaging experience in personal/ team growth and development.”

Vice President Operations: Financial Services

I have been working with Rick for nearly two years now. His coaching style and ability to challenge me has been a great part of my development. This has expanded into now coaching members of my team to help their growth and advancement.

General Manager Transformation & Effectiveness: Mining & Resources

Rick was referred to me by a trusted friend and colleague as being one of Australia’s leading and most respected coaches. I started working with Rick when I was in need of a new strategic focus and approach to grow my new business and career.

Since making the decision to work with Rick I have never looked back. He is a fantastic coach and partner who positively challenges you to think out of the box and find the best way to do things. 

Together we mapped out a strategic game plan, implemented a series of incremental transition steps and made practical, positive change happen. I cannot recommend Rick highly enough to anyone looking for a top level coach.

If you are serious about boosting your career or business success Rick is one of the best coaches out there.

Senior Marketer: Strategy & Projects, Brand, Events, Content & Digital

Ricks coaching style is very effective. In a short span of time he was able to give me valuable pointers that will help and guide my next career direction.

Change Management Consultant: Thought Leader, Board Member & Key Note Speaker

“I just wanted to follow up with you post our discussion at the Canberra CPA Congress.

I’m delighted to advise that my articulation of the problem together with tailored responses to the problem with examples, eventually led to an offer and I started my new job on 7 Feb.

This is my first ET level role (Tier 2) and over 50% increase in salary.

I’ve got to say I was delighted with the outcome.

Many thanks for your advice and pointers. You can use this as an example of the success of your presentations!”


Chief Financial Officer: Government & Public Sector

I highly recommend Rick and Good Company Coaching for anyone seeking insights into their personal and professional development. I started working with Rick in March 2017 after hearing him speak about reputation rust and remaining relevant at the 2016 RMIA conference. At the time I was feeling like my career was plateauing and I was not sure why. From him I discovered things about myself and others, that I know have made me a better, influencer, negotiator, performer and in general a better person. Eight months later I landed a job that had been on my long term career plan for quite some time. As with anything, you get out what you put in, but if you are looking to lead naturally and “Be Who You Are Meant To Become” give Rick a call.

Risk Manager: Power & Utilities

“In my career I’ve worked with quite a few coaches but Rick stands out amongst them. I’ve benefited from Rick’s professional coaching skills in two different situations: first as a team member of a new group coming together in a new business and then as the new leader of an established team with new challenges. Rick is able to quickly grasp the team dynamics, get to the core of what’s needed and work with each member to make the team highly effective as a whole, the outcome being the only true high-performing team I’ve ever worked in. I continue to benefit from Rick’s advice which he is constantly evolving to match todays ever-changing work environment.”

Managing Director: Financial Services 

“Nobody has ever held up the mirror like that before. Thank you!

Words can’t express the gratitude I feel for the support, expertise, professionalism and the friendship you have shown me.”

Financial Controller: ICT & Technology

“For a long time I resisted getting a business coach. The ones that I came across were just too low-powered. Others I signed up for had a powerful program, but I didn’t fit into their program. I needed someone that could meet me at the same intellectual and energetic level, and then help me to propel further, to be more and to achieve more. I feel I am getting a lot of value out of our sessions.

Rick has impressed me with his distinctive coaching approach, which I would describe as:

  • Personalised: the coaching is focused on my issues and situation, not cookie cutter, trying to fit me into something already pre-planned
  • Insightful: I have found it very useful to have someone help me stand back and look at my issues in a different light
  • Big picture strategy work, or detail tactics whatever is required
  • Effective actions that I can implement that day/next day

Challenging: Some of the sessions are hard work, but ultimately rewarding”

CEO: Construction & Industrial Products

“Rick was engaged via my company in order to sharpen my top-level negotiating skills, when my role involved significant brokering and stakeholder and partner management. He did that, and so much more. Rick is very good at honing in on “the why” (even before why was a corporate buzzword) and taking an all-of-life approach. I appreciated his combination of east and west leadership thinking and have implemented so many of his strategies in my teams.”

Editorial Director: Media

“I had the pleasure of opening Rick’s presentation “Reputational Rust Never Sleeps” on behalf of CPA Australia. Rick is a fantastic speaker, he delivered a professional, appealing and also a very polished presentation.

When I looked around the room everyone was listening so intently!
Rick spoke from the heart, from personal experience and from facts and science based research. He clearly articulated ways of staying relevant in our competitive world, avoiding reputational risk and realising our potential… even thriving.
The presentation was fantastic and so engaging.

No wonder the seminar was overbooked and after it we’ve received feedback from fellow CPA members who attended to say thanks for organising the session and how worthwhile it was.”

Head Of Finance and Administration: Not For Profit Sector

 “I had the pleasure of working with Rick as a personal executive coach, as part of a wider organisational and leadership development initiative.

Rick was masterful in his ability to engender trust and openness to get to the core of one’s leadership capabilities and development areas.

Rick also had this wonderful knack of delivering powerful business and human insights in a very personal and disarming manner, that became the springboard for my fundamental development and evolution as a business leader.

For organisations and executives per se wanting to fully realise their inherent potential and business capabilities, I have no hesitation in recommending to you, the one and only Rick Gilmore.”

State Manager: Financial Services

” I started working with Rick approximately 6 months ago.  At which time I felt flat – I’d essentially lost my mojo and was getting completely burnt out on my day to day work. Rick helped me work on why I was feeling this way – and ultimately break away from it. He has helped me take action, make positive changes in both my work and life habits – and ultimately, re-energised me in both. 
When I first started working with Rick, my goal was to get my old “mojo” back – now that I have achieved that, I’ve realised that there is even more that I can become.

That’s why I’ll be continuing to work with Rick for as long as possible – he is actively helping me grow and develop more in both my personal life, and in business.  I could not recommend working with Rick Gilmore highly enough to anyone wanting to achieve more through their personal and work life.”


Business Owner: Events Management

“Rick worked as my coach initially to help me achieve my leadership and communication objectives. Overtime, the coaching enabled me to transform my life with calm confidence and trust in my intuition to guide my decisions. I warmly recommend Rick for his listening, his insights and his wisdom.”

Vice President of Human Resources: ICT & Technology

“ Working with Rick to formalise a presentation and speaking strategy was invaluable. I had spoken publicly before, but watching other presenters deliver greater impact I knew that I wanted to improve for an upcoming speech at a university.  Using Rick’s strategies and speaking structure I completely reformatted and rewrote my speech before working with Rick on the delivery skills.  When it came to the talk what impressed me was that during the delivery the audience engagement and interaction occurred just as Rick had formulated.  Once this had happened I was then able to vary my delivery to concentrate more on tone and pace, to drive the main points home.  It was definitely the best talk that I have delivered to date and will continue with Rick on this journey of mastering my presenting skills.”

Strategic Director Brand Strategy & Agri Business

“At a time when I was struggling with a very complex and challenging business negotiation Rick was recommended to me to assist. Rick brought to the table commercial insights and advice on how to achieve the best possible outcome not only for the business I was running but for me personally. With Rick’s support and coaching I am a more skilled negotiator, a much more aware leader and have the courage to take on bigger and bigger challenges and live a fuller and more satisfying life. There’s a lot more to Rick then meets the eye. If you are after someone to coach and guide you to the next level, Rick is that coach. Big Thanks Rick!”

Regional General Manager: Construction & Industrial Products

“I have had the pleasure of learning from Rick in different guises since 1999. I have always appreciated Rick’s unique perspective, whether it was my first experience of formally seeking his wisdom in shaping a senior executive team in a large financial services business, to my latest experience, valuing his informal guidance in positioning for a political campaign.
The two constant features of my relationship with Rick during those various engagements have been that I can trust that he is supporting me and that his fresh insights have always been both valuable and practical.”

Chief Financial Officer: Financial Services

“ As a Family Business Owner and leader it is often difficult to navigate in uncharted waters and to innovate and succeed you have to be at that forefront. Business coaching, influencing and persuading others to take the right next steps, is a complex art with a minefield of so called experts that are eager to help.  But finding the coach that fits your style, values and has all the expertise is nearly impossible. So after many interviews and discussions you can imagine the relief I felt when I finally found Rick at Good Company Coaching.

We were experiencing a real slowdown in sales and new projects. Rick was like a magician that waved his wand and within the first month the flood gates opened. Rick has worked with many of the major blue chip Australia companies steering them back on track, but it’s his modesty and ability to communicate simple principles that I value the most. The fresh approaches, systems and experience are now delivering significant results to our bottom line and expanding our Brand reputation, and developing me as an individual. Rick really is good company, for anyone that is a leader and wants to be at the forefront of their industry Rick will help you get there. “

Managing Director: Strata and Facilities Management

 “ Rick is a genuine coaching pioneering authority who helps people to lead and perform to their maximum potential. 

His Good Company Coaching framework, unlocks your ability to solve issues and opens up possibilities for individuals and companies.

He’s the one who influenced me get serious about my own capabilities and start my own business. And I’ve never looked back. 

Don’t just listen to what he says, watch how he weaves his insights in just the right way for you, and draws out, just what you need to hear and do, at the right time. 

Rick’s an all round good guy, definitely good company to have in your hip pocket for ideas, building confidence and setting you up for repeatable success.”


Human Resources Director: Professional Services

“Rick has been a business associate of mine for over ten years. During this time I have found him to be a true advocate and authority on a range of topics in relation to human development from an organisational and individual perspective. He has consistently added value, and delivered sustainable results for  for the businesses I have worked in, over this time. 

He is also a facilitator of an individual’s potential to be most effective in their world – through lenses that stem from original and unique thinking backed by years of experience and factual data. 

I also personally highly recommend him as a coach. Rick has been a genuine and trusted advisor of mine for numerous years. I trust him, his advice and insights he brings to a coaching partnership through a unique perspective and the wisdom to support it.”

Manager Global Organisational Capability: Resources & Professional Services

“I was initially sceptical about how much tangible value could be had from (from) an hour and half Strategy Session with Rick Gilmore. Yet I was also looking forward to it, because of my personal and professional need to develop my negotiating skills.

Very soon into the session with Rick, I realised any concerns were unwarranted and I was in very safe hands. I believe Rick not only helped me realise several areas where my negotiating skills need to be increased, but also confirmed some areas where I am already on the right track. I received several real “nuggets” and principals of good negotiation techniques. That I can apply immediately.

I would recommend Rick’s service to anyone who periodically or regularly struggles to close deals. If you seem to get nearly there and then the deal falls apart, why not learn from an expert how to get them closed!”

Director of Sales APAC Region: Telecommunications

 “Rick is an outstanding caring individual with the highest levels of integrity and wisdom. His ability to truly listen, understand and develop real insight are what make him such an effective coach. His approach is tailored and structured while at the same time adaptable. I wholeheartedly recommend Rick because he is such a positive and genuine person who absolutely delivers on his commitments.”

Finance Manager: Technology

“Over the years, I came to know Rick as someone who is also a trusted advisor and coach to senior managers in some very significant organisations and, indeed, a reliable sounding board for my own challenges as a CEO. How he achieves this is not immediately apparent to some, for in Rick what you get is a lot more than what you might at first see. The answer lies in his unerring ability to turn a very honest mirror on his clients and lead them to finding simple, honest truths and personal insights about themselves or their business situations. Rick gets to the practical heart of matters quickly, and puts realities into context that make solutions pretty obvious.
Combining this with a sharp sense of humour and a keen ear for the ironic, Rick is the best, most frank and fun-to-be-with sounding board I have yet worked with. After some 15 years (he is now a personal friend), I still come away from meetings with Rick realising I have not just had a few good laughs, but had a different light turned on dilemmas, a personal experience or current business issue.”

CEO: Professional Services, Training & Consulting

“I was introduced to Rick by a peer as someone I could bounce an idea off in relation to a critical conference to further embed our already strong culture into the business. From the offset I found him to be extremely energetic and truly the standout compared to other people I had engaged to help me deliver this event. Within weeks Rick was challenging myself and the team in what, why, when and how we execute our plans and ideas. He; mentored us as a team, facilitated workshops with our change leaders, coached our internal and external guest speakers, delivered a customised key note and facilitated culture change sessions for us on the day. All throughout the process, he also displayed absolute knowledge and leadership in his field. The key to Rick was his adaptation to our concept and his constant communication and checking in to ensure we achieved a great result while still delivering a concept and plan that had never been delivered to our business before.

Rick is the real deal, without Rick we would not have been half as successful in delivering a “Thrive rather than survive” culture expectation. Thanks Rick, appreciate your thoughts, ideas, delivery and professionalism throughout the process.”

Residential Segment Manager: Industrial Products

“I would just like to thank you for the invaluable sessions we have had together over the past few months. Your influence has helped me grow as an individual and reach a new platform that I had been aiming at for quite some time. The stories and examples you shared on a level that I could relate to is a credit to you. I feel moving forward that I will be tackling my career and life challenges with a greater level of optimism and confidence. Thanks again.”

Partner, Purchasing and Estimating Manager: Construction & Real Estate

“I first met Rick soon after I’d taken over the head of HR role for the Australasian business of a major global financial services operation – around the time of the Sydney Olympics. The Group had decided that following a recent merger with a major competitor that it needed to embark on a series of leadership development programs to rapidly up-skill and groom its talent across the globe. Rick was the local lead for the entity engaged globally to deliver the suite of residential programs. Rick was pivotal in helping us meet the objectives set out by head office while also tweaking the program to satisfy local needs while maintaining the integrity of the whole offering. The result was a great success. 

From that initial contact, Rick has “evolved” to become a great mentor, someone with a great set of ears and of course time. He is balanced in his views on corporate life and always willing to add an insight from the breadth of his experience developed over years working with all levels of senior executives from a myriad of industries and commercial sectors.” 

Human Resources Director – Financial Services

“Over my career I have participated in a number of so called leadership/team building programs and although I have started off very enthusiastically I have found I have had my hopes dashed fairly quickly. This was certainly not the case in your program. I found the program to be the most personally direct program I have ever participated in, and as such the results have been equally significant. The program challenged me to look closely at who I am and where I want to go and the results, on both a personal and professional level continue long after the completion of the program sessions.

I have no hesitation in recommending your program to anyone who may be interested or brave enough to participate in it.”

General Manager Customer Service: Automotive & Asset Management

 “Personally I found the process to be transformational and highly motivating….the most authentic approach to the creation of corporate culture. Whilst being challenged, I felt motivated to discard old belief systems and patterns. IT REALLY WORKS!!

Any company wanting to maximise potential at every human level should not miss the opportunity to experience this.”

General Manager: Healthcare & Hospitality

“I am happy to refer their services to individuals and businesses who may be seeking assistance to improve their business’ effectiveness by optimising individual manager’s performance, particularly in the context of leadership.

It has contributed to a noticeable improvement in the dynamics of my leadership team in a relatively short time frame. The service has aided me personally in understanding the way  in which I work with my managers and those things that I do that are preventing me from being as effective as I would like to be and additionally has equipped me with skills to lift my game in leadership competencies.

I found the consultancy to be a fresh approach that worked for me and my management team. The one on one coaching incorporated in the approach I found to be especially effective.”


Managing Director: Fleet Management

”Rick’s knowledge of marketing and management together with his incisive understanding of human nature and character were invaluable assets in the tasks at hand.”

Centre Manager: Hospitality & Business Education

“I can thoroughly recommend Rick as a coach for executives seeking personal and professional transformation. We have recently completed a series of sessions and I have made the decision to continue on with Rick on a regular basis as a result of the insights he made with me so far. As a coach and owner of my own business I am plagued with blind spots and misperceptions which unless carefully managed can keep me awake at night worrying. Rick has helped me to consolidate my thinking, find a bit more inner confidence and resilience and to focus on what is important to me – making me less susceptible to the agendas of other people. Invaluable for people in business wanting to get to the heart of the matter – literally. Well done Rick and keep up the great work.”

Managing Director: Professional Services

“The Business Effectiveness/Leadership program presented by Rick Gilmore provides a very personal approach to the development of improved leadership skills through individual assessment and tailored actions to change behaviours. I found the program challenging and at times confronting, but believe that as a result I have a much greater understanding of the behaviours that were making me a less effective leader- and I now have some tools to change those behaviours. I highly recommend this program.”

National Fleet Manager: Government & Public Sector

”Once again I must thank you for a truly inspirational workshop. I was very impressed with your motivational skills. It was a resounding success. We are indeed fortunate to have someone of your experience and knowledge to call upon.”

Director: Professional Services

I had an impending negotiation, where the stakes were very high, that was due to take place just a few days after the scheduled Strategy Session. I was pressed against time and did have concerns that the session would be purely a marketing exercise, especially given the short amount of time we had together.

Rick proved to be everything a good coach and guide should be. I gained clarity and insight around my impending negotiation and walked out with tangible tips that I could apply straight away. Plus the session certainly helped me clarify my strategic thinking and long term outcomes. Rick both inspired and challenged me to try some new approaches in an area I had been confused about. All in an hour and a half!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Rick’s service to anyone in senior leadership positions. Especially If you are, grappling with aspirational thinking, unravelling complexity and influencing the organisation to go to the next level with you. Spending time with an influencing and negotiation expert like Rick is hard to beat.

Managing Director: Entertainment & Media

“Rick is competent, resourceful and dynamic with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. His analytical, conceptual and leadership skills, as well as his experience in conflict resolution have made him an asset to our organisation.”

Head of Business Studies: Professional Services

”Thank you so much for your workshop on negotiation skills today. It was professionally run, informative and well delivered.

Your input was invaluable for us and this was markedly evident by the role playing situations in which we found ourselves. You certainly have given us a lot of “food for thought “and provided motivation for us to practise the approaches as well as to reflect on our own individual styles.

I hope we can use your services once again as we have all benefited enormously from your insights and experience.”

Director of Studies: Professional Services

“To my great surprise the  short session with Rick proved to be extremely timely, thought provoking and has prompted me to re evaluate matters of critical importance to me ( before I rot!). To help get clarity and go to the next level, I would recommend this service with anyone in senior sales or senior management positions.”

Managing Principal: Technology

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